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  • High quality equipment
  • Over 27 years experience
  • Custom built to suit your needs


  • Low operating cost
  • High return on investment
  • Consulting Services


Envirowash drying area
SoftSuds, Woodstock NB
Bathurst NB car wash
Envirowash, Superflex

Fernrob is a leading supplier of car wash operations. We specialize in coin operated wash systems.

We can help with building design and can custom manufacture a wash system for your specific needs so call and find out more about the lucrative wash business.

We use Oasis and MacNeil wash systems - both leading manufacturers of quality and innovative equipment in the tunnel car wash industry. These modern systems reduce levels of maintenance and costly downtime, while providing opportunities for higher throughputs and increased profits for the car wash operator. What is great about these two systems is the speed at which they can wash cars. They differ in that the MacNeil system is a conveyor wash with foam friction and can process 60 cars/hour and more. The Oasis "Typhoon" is a Touchless automatic system which can realistically wash 20-30 cars/hour. In today's world everyone is looking for speed and convenience. When customer's see a lineup at a typical auto/carwash they know that they are in for a long wait. These washes can only handle 12-17 cars/hour. There are only so many days in the year that you can wash cars, and the greater number processed, the more money to be made for the carwash owner. It's truly a "numbers game" and the greater the production on those sunny days, the healthier the "bottom line"!

Fernrob offers in-house or on-site service with the most knowledgeable staff in Atlantic Canada. When you buy from Fernrob you are dealing with over 27 years experience.

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