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  • Meets or exceeds local codes & Cleans to 5 microns
  • 1 - 20 Gallons per minute
  • Fully automatic


  • No washwater disposal
  • Costs less than a penny per gallon
  • Adjusts PH level
  • Fully automatic


Fernrob uses the FREYTECH water recycling system. Pit Odor, High Maintenance Costs and Dirty Recycled Water are the three main problems of conventional water recyling systems. Freytech. Inc. solves all these problems and more! FREYTECH water recycling systems can be used with above ground or below ground tanks. FREYTECH also provides containerized, preplumbed water recycling units ready for operation in about 6 to 8 hours. No underground piping is required. This proprietary technology is in use with every conceivable make, model and type of car wash.

Fernrob offers a full range of environmental products for wash water treatment. With an oily water separator we can separate the free floating oil from wash water, pump it to a container for proper disposal and send the oil free water to the municipal sewer automatically.

With a recycle system, such as the FREYTECH system, we can take dirty wash water, process it and reuse it. The recycle filters the water, adjusts the PH level, cleans the water, stores the debris and it's all automatic.

Call or E-Mail Fernrob today and let us size up a water treatment system to suit your specific needs.

We offer on-site or in-house service on all our equipment using the most knowledgeable staff in Atlantic Canada.

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